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There are default Challenges for Lacrosse, Football, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball and Hockey

Challenges (Default Soccer Challenges)

Speed Ladder 2 V2 Heading
120's Figure & Dribbling
Cones (shuttles) Horse Shoes
Beep Test(Yo Yo) Swedish Test (Turning)
Coopers Passing Test
Push Ups Clears
Situps Mirrors
Pullups Power Heading
Roman Wrestling Long Service
Juggles(Surface Juggling) Long Service/Long Reception
1V 1-Top Gun Speed Gun
1V1 Big Goal Bending Balls
2V1 Games Long Range Shooting
2V2 Games Breakaway Finishing
4V4 Games Volleys
Most Competitive Games 3 Tier Shooting
Bogies 4Tier Shooting
AD Heading Penalty Kicks
Barca  3v3+1 (Combinations)

You can also download the iphone/ipad app to enter stats while you are on the field.  You can download the app here.